Ode to the Squatty Potty

In reference to the Squatty Potty.  Recommended by a friend, Chloe.  Healthy colon: Happy life! I have a coworker who was quite enthused about the squatty potty in normal conversation.  Being that I am in my forties now and ramping up for obsession with my stool, how often, and the not so wonderful effects of having two children, exercising quite a bit, AND crappy genetics in the tail-end (sorry Mom and Dad, but I do have vivid memories of keeping Preparation H stocked in our home as a child), I thought I'd give the ole squatter a try.

And in response to a wonderful product that could possibly change the world, I thought I would compose a poem right here and now:

Oh Squatty Potty!

My BMs are no longer so knotty!

I no longer need a hot totty

After going for a poop.

The angle is quite right

I often smile in delight

My BMs no longer have stage fright

I know you wanted the scoop!

We were designed to squat to eliminate

I don't want to discriminate

Let the video below illustrate

How we are SUPPOSED to poop!


And PS...

my colon (and the rest) thanks you, Chloe.


Thank You

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