TIPS on the BCPS from a personal perspective.

I took the test twice.  I failed the first time (boo) but decided to not give up and in usual fashion tried again. No excuses.  I had two children under 5 at the time and worked a full-time job.  I also commuted to the hospital where I worked 80 minutes round-trip.  I used that time to listen to audio recordings on my iPhone of the lectures ACCP presented.

I feel I have a bit of insight into the test and can attest to what is needed to know in each section.  Keep in mind the guidelines could change between 2012 and 2013 along with the test questions, but for the most part I found the test to be incredibly fair though stressing areas more than others that I would have not expected.

I want you to pass!  First attempt!

So what do you need to do to pass?  Start as soon as you decide to take it.  Especially now in 2014 the test is given twice a year there is no reason to start right this minute.  I especially am talking to those with families and/or children and very little time to spare for sitting down and studying the traditional way.  Again, I did fail the first attempt but about half fail - even those who you would assume would pass. 

This website has posts I compiled during the time I studied.  I will have some material presented that does come from the ACCP study material though reworded and simplified in more study form and perhaps some hints as to what was important on the test in each particular section. 

The rules state we cannot divulge the questions or try to write them down or memorize during the test.  I do not have a photographic memory but after staring at this material for a long time, I can remember what concepts pharmacists were expected to know.

Good luck!  I have great hope that the BCPS certification will broaden our scope of practice in the future and hope to see the dream of becoming a provider become common for those who decided to go beyond the four years of pharmacy school.  I do regret not doing a residency in 1999, but that is because hindsight is so much clearer.  Jobs are scarce and we must better ourselves and stay relevant.  New graduates are coming out faster than ever and can be hired for cheaper.  Make the most of your role!