Sometimes I have to remember the horror of retail pharmacy...

I remember several years ago... in 2001 to be exact... I was floating for a pharmacy corporation which meant I would be sent to the worst part of town during the most unsafe times.  My first experience at this particular store included a homosexual man demanding that his valium would be filled by a certain time that day.  It was coming in the order, so I couldn't fill it until the delivery guy brought the drugs the pharmacy was out of...  his valium was one of those drugs.  The customer told me that his medicine would be filled by 2pm because he had to catch a plane. UM... ok.  2pm.  Sounds good, except buddy, I don't know what times the drugs are delivered.  I am a floater... not a regular pharmacist that you can verbally abuse.  Needless to say, he threw around the ultimatum again in the air and flippantly walked out with his head held high like a proud rooster ruling the coop.

2pm rolls around.  The drugs aren't delivered yet.  Mr. Homosexual comes back and demands his pills.  "I'm sorry, sir, the delivery hasn't made it yet.  I don't have your medication filled."

He was beyond upset.  He was livid as he spewed, "You have NO idea what it feels like to be gay and flying into BUSH COUNTRY for the funeral of a dear friend who died of AIDS."

"Nope," I said, "I sure don't.  I don't have a clue."

He got his meds at 2:30pm.  I did the best I could!

Wittiest comebacks in retail pharmacy