Magic Mouthwash (the vague term for a concoction of ANYTHING)

When I worked in retail pharmacy, a physician would write a prescription for "Magic Mouthwash" and the patient would hand over the prescription with this look of "magic."  This special blend of WHATEVER would be the cureall for their sore mouth and throat caused by thrush or radiation or any other mouth/throat pain condition.  The physician rarely would include what he/she "thought" to be their special recipe.  So, we would have to call and clarify. "What would Dr. Doe like in his magic mouthwash?"  I would ask simply.

"Magic Mouthwash?"  asks the nurse, "I don't know.  What do you normally put in it?"

Sigh.  "Well we could start with diphenhydramine, lidocaine, and nystatin all at a 1:1:1 ratio or we could do tetracycline and throw in some mylanta with the formerly mentioned ingredients at all different ratios.  There are probably a 100 different magic mouthwashes out there.  What is the doctor treating?"

And it would end up that I could pick whatever I wanted.  That made me think... hmmm  placebo effect.

So what exactly should you put in Magic Mouthwash?

The usual concoction contains equal amounts of viscous lidocaine and diphenhydramine for analgesia...and Maalox or a similar antacid to enhance coating of the ingredients in the mouth.  Some also include nystatin to prevent or treat fungal growth...a corticosteroid to reduce inflammation...or tetracycline to prevent secondary bacterial infections.


Who knows if this stuff even works and is worth the money since we pharmacists usually tack on a compounding fee.  I say get a prescription for lidocaine viscous and buy your own benadryl solution and mylanta and make your own... for less.

Today's name of the day is...

Alli - a new name = magic for the nonmedical community, apparently