The Blonde Pharmacist...

... is currently working PART-TIME for a staffing company.  Yes, you heard me right.  I am staffing.  Tomorrow I'll be driving very far away to work in a hospital.  So far, I have enjoyed the sabbatical from the run-of-the-mill I have to give a crap day that I normally have in a job where it counts.  I mean it counts now, but I can overlook all the negativity and employees hating one another and just do my job making sure the medication won't hurt someone and is filled correctly.  You can't beat that except, I need more work.  I'm holding out for a job that I really really want.  I called to check on the status of it yesterday and we're in the checking of the references mode and hopefully I will be announcing soon what kind of job it is.

It is perfect for me in every way.

So with that said...  I'm literally doing stuff about the house, cleaning, etc...  trying to get ready for fall.  Playing a lot of golf.  Listening to a lot of books on iPod.  The list goes on.  I worry about my significant other getting upset with me for not working full-time, but hopefully I will make up for it with a nice sign-on bonus.

Wish me luck.  I need it! 

If I don't hear back from them by the end of this month.  I'm going to be looking hot and heavy again, darn it!

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