First day on the job...

I have a lot of hope for this one.  Blonde Pharmacist may have found her calling in the profession though I can remember several times in the past where I'm stoked up front, and then it all comes crashing down with SOMEthing.  Last job was the horrible boss with no personality and expectation of job being the number one priority in your life.  Job before that was such a negative atmosphere, I felt stifled.  The one before that was great.  They have continued to lay off more and more pharmacists where now there are only two full-time pharmacists.  Sad since I started there with over 20.  2007 has been a rough year for me professionally.  My resume looks like absolute hell.  You can't really hide the fact that you worked two jobs back-to-back - one for 4 months and the other 1 month.  That really bothers me.  It's all explainable in an interview, but it's not too much fun sweating through it.

I did find out that I won't be handling neonatal, TPN, or chemotherapy orders.  That's  a load off as far as liability. 

The Wonder Drug

Pharmacist Joke