Still training...

I don't know how many of you are interested in the work at home setup and how it works, but basically we use a program to Remote Desktop into several servers and work just as though we were sitting in the actual hospital verifying orders.  There's no mixing of IVs, chemo, or TPN...  you miss the hospital environment of wearing scrubs, walking to the cafeteria to buy food and saying hello to fellow nurses, social workers, physicians, etc...  but there's this peace to it. I am now verifying/entering hospital orders for three hospitals.  There are several more to learn, but so far so good.  I'm still realizing that every hospital has their own fingerprint or way they like to do things.  One likes you to enter patient's own meds one way, another not at all.  It's remembering those rules that makes it a little more challenging, I suppose... especially when it is entirely possible to flip from one hospital to the next minute to minute.

So far, I'm not regretting a moment of taking this particular job.  The other that I was interested in is in fact relocating and merging with another company down the road in long-term care, but I just didn't feel it when I worked there.  This would be the same place in the end where I interviewed awhile back with the manager who I knew through a mutual pharmacist friend.

She asked me, "What does your husband think of you looking for another job?"  I was working for a company down the road from this one that was and still is experiencing major hardship.  I told her that my husband was generally more conservative and personally would probably stay put but would probably support whatever it is that I decided to do.  That manager used that against me even telling someone who would have been my peer who later told me, "Yeah, uh the manager said that your husband didn't want you changing jobs right now."  That is not what I said at all.  But it did shed some light that somehow my name had been brought up and talked about from manager to peer (peer meaning we would have been equals and in fact good friends that we had worked together before in the same struggling company, go figure!).  I also believe in hindsight that I was NOT hired because I was competing with a male and there is some probability that I may have children one day.  My friend has this "thing" where he has no patience for a female pharmacist who calls out because her child is sick.  He just doesn't get life emergencies.  He's not married and never will have children.  We're not really sure if it's that he's a homosexual or not, and I don't care if he is, but it adds to the whole element of him not relating to another group of people and probably vice versa.

Well of to work...  sorry for the hiatus.  Had a vacation that went horribly and now back.

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