Allergies and funny responses

1.  I have an allergy to Morphine.  It made my right arm swell. --Are you sure the line wasn't infiltrated which caused the arm to swell?

2.  Meperidine - "dies"

--Dies?  LOL!

3.  Meperidine - "makes mean"


4.  Codeine - "sick to stomach"

--ok.  not an allergy really.

5.  Morphine - "gets sleepy"


6.  Prednisone - allergic

--allergic to something given for allergies.  Makes a ton of sense.

7.  Codeine - "makes sick"

--very clear.  thanks.

8.  Codeine - "passes out"

--yep it'll do that!

9.  Effexor - "makes dizzy"

--yep it'll do that!

10.  Penicillin - "died"

--I'll hearken to that one!


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