Baseball and steroids

I don't know if Roger Clemens is guilty or not of using steroids.  If you look at old clips of him pitching the years that the Mitchell reports claims, maybe he looks puffier?  I don't know.  Part of me feels bad for the guy because wonder if he is INNOCENT?  Either way, it seems to me that steroids are NOT going to just go away.  HGH and steroids can make an athlete stronger and younger which equals more money. I just got a kick out of the interview with Clemens because he was talking about how he was taking Vioxx like "eating Skittles."  Are you serious?  Are you kidding me?  He then went on to discuss how if he did go before a senate hearing committee, that he would have to bring up the Vioxx question...  why was this drug on the market if it had the potential to harm?

Does he and the rest of the pill popping Americans not KNOW that every drug has some potential (some more than others) to harm?  You can KILL yourself with an overdose on acetaminophen just as one example.

It's just that I'm surprised he was eating Vioxx like candy with very specific dosing limits spelled out, etc...

They all want to be smart and in the know when on their meds but then later when the med is taken off the market, they want to play the dumb card.  For Roger, the dumb card would be not to find out the max daily dose of Vioxx prior to taking it?  Perhaps?  I mean eating Vioxx like candy means more than 1-2 day obviously!

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