Comments about working from home pharmacy

I have received quite a few comments about this particular niche within pharmacy - working from home.  I don't really have a lot of information to share about how to find a setup like this, but to research and ask in your local area.  There are still laws to consider, crossing state lines, etc...  and other things that individual companies have to explore with their legal department(s), etc... but in my case, this started up I believe a few years ago as a pilot program.  It's still not very large and still could collapse I believe... nothing is for sure. I do know that a company that owns Acc.redo is using at home pharmacists, and I heard rumors that Walgr.eens was as well.  No confirmation from anyone on that yet.

Network network network.  It's the only way to find those specialty jobs.  They just don't fall in your lap, I can say.

Is It That Bad?

What advice I would give students graduating from pharmacy school