Why Does it Take So Long to Fill My Prescription?

The age old question that used to make my toes curl...  why does it take so long to fill my prescription?  If you search around the net, you'll find non medical people discussing, and it's hilarious: Why does it take so long to refill my prescription?  I went there yesterday and it took them 2 hours to refill my medicine.  I wanted to call the manager to complain but thought I'd ask here first.

Yahoo's best answer voted (not kidding):  If they did it in 2 minutes, you wouldn't value them as much. You'd think that they were just technicians putting pills in a bottle.

They have to make you wait to preserve the mystique.

Yeah, that's it baby.  We need more value?  We love mystique.

Basically the bottom line is that there are hundreds ahead of you!

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