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Well I had a pingback in my email this morning from The Angriest Pharmacist.  Somehow he views my post as "another enemy" and "cheap shot." Gosh, not hardly.  My post, if you read it is what you would label as satirical sarcasm.... in other words, how deep does this rivalry go?  Apparently deep at the reaction I received from him.  Yes, I rank low (sorry guys and gals, I don't blog for anyone but myself really, and I know I know... that's a bad blogger, you should really think of your audience when blogging ;)).  Yes I post things that are boring to most of you... but there's are a few of us that keep up with FDA stuff...  No, I'm not quite as witty and angry.  I don't have customers or patients yelling in my face.  I'm not in a rivalry with The Red Pharmacist, The Brunette Pharmacist, or heck even the other female pharmacists out there.  Who has the time really?  Dakota Fanning is cute ;)

But anyway, suffice it to say the Angry, Angriest, Anger, and so forth runs deep in the pharmacy blogosphere.  LOL  You can't really drag the Blonde into it.  Because really insults and rankings don't really bother this one.  In fact, it just made me smile this morning on a long ten hour day... of course, I'm kicked back in my PJs, reading the paper, eating some Cocoa Puffs, and getting ready to log into some hospitals to do my job for the next twelve hours sans any sort of crap from patients demanding a 3 minute turnaround on their xanax refill.

Really Angriest, I'm a fan, not an enemy... I actually read your blog!  I need to come up with the kind of post you COULD interpret as enemy and picking a fight material so that the next time you'll be able to take off your angry colored glasses and see that in reality this is what you call "jest," "facetious," etc...  ;) And the rankings? I graduated from high school many years ago... I really don't get very motivated by popularity contests, unfortunately. Maybe I WOULD have a better blog if I did!

Oh and just in case my reply to him does not get published:

Blonde Pharmacist says March 26th, 2008 at 7:14 am Your comment is awaiting moderation. You are really hilarious. My post is tongue-in-cheek… an enemy? I hardly think so! I think if your readers read my post, they’ll see it’s what you would call facetious, no hardly enemy material… I really don’t mind if there are other bloggers with Blonde in the name… As far as popularity on the net goes? That is yet another thing that doesn’t matter to me. I don’t scour the internet trying to find where I rank, but thanks for letting me know. LOL

What is really funny here is your reaction to a post in jest. I find it funny and ironic that there was even a fight between two bloggers that use different forms of the word angry! It cracks me up actually…

Considering I am not angry enough to really elaborate on a short post noticing the two of you… wondering who came first, the chicken or the egg… I find it even MORE amusing that you inserted your own anger into my post to interpret it as a FIGHT?

A fight? No, sweetie… Blonde Pharmacist isn’t picking a fight. I’m just noticing something that made me chuckle awhile back and thought I’d post about it (for myself) - and then later see who is still left standing in the end. Not that it matters, but more for my own innate curiosity.

Yours truly, Dakota Fanning ;)

I don't know... is it just me... or maybe it's the "semi-jacking" of the name that makes me think that perhaps either the attention was GOOD for their ratings (if ratings DO matter) OR is it that a creative, witty, ORIGINAL name (not claiming I have that either) would be more apropos?

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