Medication Errors

More of a serious post here but contemplating the concept of humans and errors.  We're going to have them as pharmacists because we are human; we just hope the errors we make aren't of the fatal variety.  Putting things in place to help reduce these errors is always a good thing.  In my previous gig, a nurse would enter the order (hospital pharmacy) and a pharmacist would review it against the scanned in order.  Other places I have worked, the pharmacist did both functions.  Although it is quicker for the pharmacist do go ahead and enter the order, I feel that two brains is always better one.  Even if one of the brains is a pharmacist and the other a desk clerk, it is still two brains as we all know that a lot of the times the errors are keystroke in nature. I like the way Walgreens has tackled errors with their hi tech computer system.  I like the way that they have reduced misfills, but have they tackled the initial entering of the order yet?  There's nothing to compare it to, unless you have a scanner to scan in and then a robot to read what is scanned.  Are we moving to that?

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