You Lucky Pharmacist You

How are you doing out there fellow pharmacists in an economy that is slowing down? Are your jobs secure? Do you have any fear of being laid-off or losing your job? Do you feel content where you are? On the plus side, it's easy to see how pharmacists and other medical personnel will more than likely be in demand. People continue to age and grow sick. People still need us. Perhaps they'll need us more? However, I am reading from fellow classmates that retail pharmacy is taking a bit of a hit as far as hours the stores are open. I hear that even Walgreens is shortening their hours and therefore not offering as much hours to their current staff. I'm not for sure if this is true, but things are slowing and slowing.

How slow will the grow and how much will it affect us? I'm not so sure that we couldn't find something else if we HAD to versus my husband who could not. That in itself is a good reason to sit and consider how lucky we are to be pharmacists right now. People need us. Even in bad times.

Update:  Three Years Later

I have always wanted to do this and spend the time to tell you how the pharmacy market has changed over time.  Yes, we were right.  Now there are so many pharmacy schools and pharmacy students graduating that the jobs have all but dried up.  You can't find a job.

How sad is that?

Arizona Academy of Family Physicians

Pharmacy News for the Moment January 2009