Swine Flu Continues

...though the media has dropped the story from their front page headlines. Perhaps there weren't enough people dying from it as originally was feared, but having the flu in the summer (for Americans now) is very strange!

There are 25,288 confirmed cases worldwide, according to the World Health Organization’s latest briefing Monday, with 73 countries having at least one case. There have been 139 deaths confirmed caused by Swine Flu worldwide, according to the WHO. Mexico, where the illness is believed to have originated, has 5,717 cases and 106 deaths, according to the WHO.

The U.S. has the most cases, with 13,217 confirmed and probable — up from just more than 10,000 last week. There are cases now in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C., as of 11 a.m. Monday, according to the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There have been 27 confirmed deaths in the U.S., with three in Texas, five in Illinois, four in Arizona, two in Utah, eight in New York and one in Connecticut, Missouri, Michigan, Virginia and Washington.

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