I would LOVE to hear if you are a pharmacist out there what you would do if you could do it all over again. Would you be a pharmacist? Would you be a physician? I'm super curious. My own journey was a flukey one. I had every intention of going into medicine. My entire childhood was filled with whispers from my over-achieving parents. "You will be a physician." Yes, I sort of failed them, but I'm quite alright with it. When I see tweets about having to tell a patient they have cancer or hearing about my OB missing a lot of days with her kids due to births, I relish in the fact that when I sign off for the day, I've signed off for the DAY. There are exceptions to taking the job home with you - when I was in home health and carried the dreaded black pager - but for the most part, I've enjoyed my six figure salary and even overtime stints where I've made $100/hr. Not too bad. What would YOU be? If you had the opportunity to never have to work pharmacy again... what would you do?

My Response on Why Docs Should Profit

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