Dick Cheney and the Polarizing Heart Transplant

I suppose my first thought at the news that former Vice President Dick Cheney had received a heart transplant paid for by the taxpayers was, "wait… he’s 71? Isn’t that too old for a heart transplant when I am sure there are younger people on the list that could benefit much more in terms of longevity than Cheney would. Then I read that he was on the transplant list for 20 months. That means he was in his sixties when on the list and also on the list longer than average 6-12 months. The most disturbing thing about the whole thing is the comments that have poured in online, online articles and twitter.

Chimed in Tim Viselli of La Canada Flintridge: After many transplants, the body will reject an incompatible heart. This may be the first time where the heart rejects an incompatible body.

Andrew Rubin of Malibu added: Seeing the headline that Cheney had received a heart transplant, I could not help but think, "Better ten years late than never."

Patricia Coelho of South Pasadena echoed several others when she wondered: Does this mean that Dick Cheney will finally have a heart?

Clearly not a fan, Steve Wollenberg of Los Angeles asked: Dick Cheney had a heart transplant? Really? Did anyone toss in a brain? They usually, but not always, come as a set.

And finally, from Phoenix, Ernie Haas emailed a wish: Just heard that ex-Vice President Dick Cheney had a change of heart. Maybe now he'll become a Democrat.

Or Twitter:

I heard a nurse’s hand slipped and touched Cheney’s original heart and she transformed into a spidergoat and ate 2 babies in the maternity ward. -@robdelaney (who is hilarious, by the way)

MUST READ: Cheney Receives Heart Transplant; Bush Still on Waiting List for Brain. @BorowitzReport

@GerryDuggan said “They’re throwing Cheney’s old heart into a volcano, right?

I suppose for me the biggest issue I have with the operation is the age limit of heart transplants. Is there one?

The indication and contraindications for heart transplantation. Indication for heart transplantation - End-stage heart disease not remediable by more conservative measures Contraindications - Irreversible pulmonary hypertension /elevated pulmonary vascular resistance - Active systemic infection - Active malignancy or history of malignancy with probability of recurrence - Inability to comply with complex medical regimen - Severe peripheral or cerebrovascular disease - Irreversible dysfunction of another organ, including diseases that may limit prognosis after heart transplantation

I don’t believe it’s time to place a value on human life based on politics, decisions in the past, age, etc… I’m not surprised that so many negative thoughts are out there regarding Cheney. We have sort of lost the human filter of sympathy for our fellow man.

And, hey, it's easy when you are behind a keyboard ;)

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