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So as promised, I'm sitting here studying (not really) for the BCPS and wanted to share with you some flashcards that I have found online.  I did personally purchase the ACCP study materials in print and I bought last year's audio lectures.  I really don't think I have enough time to devote entirely the amount of time that I need; however, I'm going to just go for it.  If I fail, I will retake in 2013.  Goals.  You need goals in your personal and professional life, ok? Enjoy.  I would like to personally thank the pharmacists that created these.  I've made a few sets, but once I stumbled upon these I realized it is all about studying smarter, correct? So today's set:  GI

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This should get you going.  Better yet go to http://www.quizlet.com and search "BCPS."  I promise you'll find a lot of study materials that will help.

There's a study guide online.  Of course we are almost two months out.  (UNREAL):
Jul 23 Amb Care
Outpt Cards
M/W Health
Jul 30 GI
Aug 06 Biostats
Aug 13 Pediatrics
Aug 20 Neurology
Aug 27 Ac Care Cards
Crit Care
Sep 03 ID
Sep 10 Amb Care
Outpt Cards
M/W Health
Sep 17 GI
Sep 24 Free Study
Oct 01 Free Study
Oct 06, 2012 BCPS Exam

I am also subscribed to http://www.highyieldmedreviews.com.  We'll see if it helps after October 6th, right?





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