Just Take Care of Yourself

Sitting in the waiting room of a pain clinic is more uncomfortable to me than seeing a cop's blue lights in my rear view mirror. Not only is it fairly evident that people in my area do not take care of themselves, I wonder why in the heck do I have to visit this place every six months or so? I have a very shoddy lower lumbar. The rest of my back is great, but for some reason God saw it fit for me to have some crappy genetics coupled with a severe love of running. I use the word severe because it is no secret that eventually most runners will have joint problems, and a severe love so great that it is worth the pain is nuts. There, I said it. I like to run. Even when it hurts. So I use radio frequency lesioning (RFL) to burn the nerves (they grow back) so I don't feel the pain in my lower back.

I watched a woman roll into the waiting room this morning still dressed in pajamas. She looked to be around 400 lbs, and I wonder, how have we allowed ourselves to get to the point where a donut or ten is worth being on a ton of medicine? How can we look in the mirror every day and know we are slowly poisoning ourselves? I'm preaching to the choir here because my diet is crap. Another patient limped in. He hadn't taken care of himself. I sort of stuck out like a sore thumb. This is a good thing.

These pain clinic docs would be out of a job if people took care of themselves!

A good friend of mine sent me this link: Why You Should Not Go to Medical School. Basically it really settled some things that my subconscious mind already knew. Although my dad wanted me to be a doctor, he had no idea what kind of life that would entail. It would mean telling someone to lose that weight so you could get off all the pain and hypertension meds. It would mean knowing that most wouldn't give a rats' ass and keep on stuffing their face with processed sugary foods contributing to diabetes and the like. I'm glad I didn't go to medical school. I'm not so sure I'm glad I chose pharmacy, but I seem to be pretty good at it.

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Pertussis and New Recommendation

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