BCPS 2012 Results: Blonde Pharmacist will repeat!

BCPS Pharmacotherapy ExamSo the results are rolling in now, and if you are at all finding this post because you are frantic about finding your results, you will know today or early next week.  Mine arrived yesterday and though I am a bit disappointed, I am ready to start studying again as soon as Christmas is over.  In hindsight, since it is 20/20, I can say I am proud of how I did.  I graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy in 1999.  Things have changed a lot since then, including my personal life.  I now manage two toddlers, a full-time job, and a part-time gig.  (Multi-task much?)  I have dreams of all kinds as far as online things are concerned, want to change the world, and decided to take this BCPS challenge on as a way to propel myself, not only in my current knowledge, but as a great resume builder.  There are many reasons pharmacists take this test. The passing score this year is 122.  The average was 130.  The range was 50-188.  Standard deviation 25.

Domain 1:  Maximum score 120, Average score 77

Domain 2:  Maximum score 50, Average score 33

Domain 3:  Maximum score 30, Average score 20

I missed it by very little.  I am not at all upset and depressed or any of that.  I went into it as a practice because being out of school for 13.5 years is very significant.  New drugs have arrived, new guidelines have changed the scope of practice, and residency trained pharmacists along with newer grads (>3 yrs) are the majority of the test takers.  This last point may be an incorrect assumption because I do remember a couple of ladies I met who "had something to prove to the younger pharmacists."  I truly hope both of them passed because those are the types that will be a lot more disappointed with a fail letter than me.  I have a pharmacist friend that was so upset with her fail that she refused to talk to anyone about it and threw away all the material.  I guess if I went into it thinking I would pass, I would feel that way.

Do I plan to retake?


That was my plan all along, ask anyone who knows me.  I know that many may have thought my comments of "It was tricky.  I know I didn't pass or if I did 'barely.'" was an attempt to pretend or whatever, but it was the truth.

It was tricky.

Know your guidelines.

Realize that A LOT of studying is required unless you have a very diverse clinical program at your large hospital.  For example, we don't see any trauma, very few TPNs, and other big topics on the test.

And if you have children, especially babies/toddlers... it is VERY tough.  Where is the time?

I should have taken this back when I had a more clinical position at a larger hospital, wasn't married, and certainly had no children absorbing every single free moment.  So if that's your current situation, PLEASE for the love of God take the test.  It will be tougher later.  I am PROOF!

So there.  There's my result (missed it by just a hair)... and had I taken it last year (passing was 111) I would have passed by several points.

Every year is different.

I plan to start studying very soon.  May start listening to the lectures in my family van (HA) starting now since I know.

Nothing hard should be attained easily.


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