The Power of Quizlet and Studying for the BCPS 2013

Quizlet is an amazing online flashcard storage site where there are many many sets of different types of collections of cards or "sets" to study.  I do not remember exactly how I found Quizlet, but suffice it to say that it is a great resource.  I am "lofgrenb" on there if you are looking for me.  I have tons of sets that are mostly set to private, but would be glad to share.  Just message me. Basically you create a profile either by hand or like everything else out there on the interwebs, just link it to your Facebook, because you KNOW you want everyone to know your business.  (wink wink)

In the "search Quizlet" box, you will type in BCPS.  Right now it's 2012 and 2011 cards that pop up, but as more and more BCPS pharmacists-to-be (including me) start creating new sets, you will be able to see them.  There is a "copy" button where you can copy the entire set that the user spent hours on and make it your own.  I know, slick right?  I have done a bit of both:  making my own and copying others and then editing to my liking.  Since there isn't a lot of ACCP material on regulations and stats, I highly recommend taking a look at some sets I like at the moment.

This is a regulatory one.



See this user:  rx_jenn:  All of her sets are fabulous.

If anyone knows her, tell her Blonde Pharmacist thanks her.  I should have spent a little more time studying to pass rather than barely failing, but I'm ready to tackle the beast again.

Anyone want to join in on flashcard creating?

Anyone up for meeting in Reno, NV at the ACCP 2013 Update in Therapeutics?  I will be there!

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When People Fail

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