US News 100 Best Jobs of 2013 | Pharmacist is #3

US News 100 Best Jobs of 2013 | Pharmacist is #3


I am a little baffled at Pharmacist being listed as #3 on this year's US News 100 Best Jobs because it seems to me that many of the pharmacists I read about on the internet are not very happy.  Personally pharmacy has been good to me.  I definitely would rather be a pharmacist than a dentist or an RN. BestJobs2013#1 - Dentist Overall Score: 8.4 | Median Salary $142,740 Ever heard the phrase "Your face is your fortune"? For dentists, our smile is their fortune. They earn their living diagnosing and treating teeth and gums, performing oral surgery, and counseling and educating us on maintaining proper oral health. The profession should grow 21.1 percent by 2020.

#2 - Registered Nurse Overall Score: 8.2 | Median Salary $65,690 The nursing profession will almost always have great hiring opportunity because of its expanse (from pediatric care to geriatric care, and everything in between). And as a substantial chunk of our population ages, the necessity for qualified RNs intensifies.

#3 - Pharmacist Overall Score: 8.2 | Median Salary $113,390 With excellent job prospects and a solid average salary, the pharmacist profession nabs the No. 3 spot on our list. Possessors of a Pharm.D can anticipate nearly 70,000 available jobs this decade—the brunt in physician offices, outpatient care centers, and nursing homes.

#4 - Computer Systems Analyst Overall Score: 8.2 | Median Salary $78,770 Think of a computer systems analyst as a tech project manager. He or she is often a liaison between the IT department and a client, and has influence over both the budgetary and technical considerations of a project.

#5 - Physician Overall Score: 8.2 | Median Salary $183,170 At the top of the medical food chain, physicians diagnose and treat patients, plus they instruct on proper diet, hygiene, and disease prevention. And like other jobs in the healthcare industry, physicians will see abundant job growth to 2020.

And because I love this link mostly because I am included on the page, I will repost.  You will notice though who #1 is:

The Angry Pharmacist: For opinionated posts about drugs, patients, and pharmacy in general, read through this blog and see how this blogger earned his name.

He's angry.  I bet he wouldn't say his procession should be listed #3.

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