BCPS Changes:  HUGE!

BCPS Changes: HUGE!




BPS Announces Changes to the 2013 Examination

BPS is pleased to announce the following changes for the 2013 Pharmacy Specialty examinations:

Computer-Based Examination Administration BPS examinations will move from paper and pencil format to computer-based administration. Please note the content outlines for the BPS specialty examinations remain the same. Content outlines are available for review under the "Specialties" tab on this page. For 2013, there will still be 200 questions on each BPS specialty certification examination and 100 questions on the recertification examinations. The multiple-choice format remains. Four possible answers are provided for each question, with only ONE designated as the correct or best choice. For initial certification candidates the schedule remains unchanged from previous years and is as follows:

Examination Part 1 (100 multiple-choice items): 2.5 hour testing period in the morning Optional break Examination Part 2 (100 multiple-choice items): 2.5 hour testing period in the afternoonCandidates will have the ability to go back to review or change answers while they are seated in the specific 100 question portion of the examination.

Awesome!  Can I tell you how I was having major flashbacks to the 1980s doing the old scantron?  So does this mean we will all be sitting in a computer lab?  No wonder they had to have expanded test dates.  This is good though.  Rather than ruining my whole entire weekend, I can take off during the week, hole up somewhere (hopefully Nashville) and then return to party with my kids on the weekend.  Because, I will be partying this time! 

Expanded Test Dates Rather than test on a single day, candidates can choose their own testing day within the test administration window beginning on Thursday, September 19, 2013 through Saturday, October 5, 2013. Please note that most testing centers are not open on Sundays.

Expanded Test Locations BPS has expanded from 80 test sites in 2012 to more than 450 domestic (U.S. and Canada) test centers as well as more than 200 international testing centers. This dramatic expansion is possible because of a new testing services agreement with Castle Worldwide, Inc. Founded in 1987 in North Carolina, Castle is one of the nation's leading certification testing companies. For a list of testing centers visit: https://www.castleworldwide.com/castleweb/clients/testing-services/ibt-testing-sites.aspx

2013 BPS Examination Registration Registration for the 2013 BPS examinations is scheduled to open during the first week in April, 2013. Candidates whose completed examination applications are approved first will receive scheduling priority. BPS examination registration will close on August 1, 2013.

For More Information The 2013 BPS Candidate's Guide will contain more information on the examination process and will be posted to the BPS website in March, 2013. Please continue to check the BPS website for updates and additional details.

SO what does this mean for waiting on the test results?  Anyone have any ideas?  Quicker, I hope.

BCPS 2013:  Statistics (Introduction)

BCPS 2013: Statistics (Introduction)

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