ACCP: Update in Therapeutics (my thoughts)

Well, here I sit in the Reno airport waiting on my flight to LAS.  My brain hurts a bit, but really enjoyed my stay at the Peppermill with my friend.  She is taking the exam for the first time, and if you have been following me for any amount of time know its my second attempt at this certification.  I feel what the in-person attendance vs the audio recordings can provide is the dedicated time to only listen to pharmacy all day for four days.  I really have my days mixed up so forgive me if I quoted that wrong.  The instructors for the most part were more than adequate presenting their material save for the always dry statistics lecture that made more sense since it's probably my 21st time hearing it. I can quote that infectious disease lecture almost verbatim at this point.  Maybe even in Dr. Smith's accent.

I enjoyed the changes in cardiology.  The material seemed much more organized and flowed better.

What my plan is for the next few months is to really learn the guidelines and as soon as the new lectures arrive (CDs), I will be the soccer mom in a van not listening to Top 40 but the lectures ad nauseum.  I guess there comes a point where all of this material coalesces and makes sense.  It was such a treat, I might add, to see Shannon Finks present since we attended UT Memphis School of Pharmacy together.  I love seeing UT students make such huge impacts in our profession.

So for now, I am reviewing cardiology at the moment.  And my friend and I did spend some time in the hotel room listening to the High Yield Med Reviews online lectures.  The stats one, she remarked, made more sense of the ACCP material... if that helps any.  I also purchased a couple of books.

Good luck to all of you who are now going to study like never before.  Do NOT wait.  Start now.  We have 5-5.5 months left.  That's really just around the corner considering I just received last years results 4 months ago.  Time flies.

And, I got the great opportunity to meet the winner of the giveaway -- Yvonne!  Like me, she sees the value in getting this, especially if you have been out of pharmacy school for any amount of time.  Jobs are more scarce, guidelines change and if you don't show that you have kept or are keeping up (demonstrated by passing this test), then you may be in trouble.  Just do it!!!

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