The Top Searched Medications of 2014

The Top Searched Medications of 2014

Interested in the top searches in medications in 2014? This year’s list includes:

1. Antibiotics: No, this is not a drug but a drug category; however I suppose capturing the whole category is OK. We have issues with antibiotic resistance, drives for antimicrobial stewardship, and drug-drug interactions. 

2. Adderall: Increased from #6 search last year though it’s been around for years. Adderall has spent the past 10 years in the top 10 of medication google searches.

3. Alprazolam: Same as Adderall has been searched enough to be in the top 10 for 11 years.

4. Ibuprofen: Who knew but I bet all the parents of kids are constantly looking up doses.

5. Steroid: This could capture creams, tablets, and parenteral.

6. Tramadol

7. Tylenol

8. Paracetamol: Another term for APAP 

9. Naproxen

10. Aspirin

11. Sildenafil: I wonder if online pharmacies are the reason? Privacy in purchasing.

12. Sertraline

13. Amoxicillin

14. Gabapentin

15. Cyclobenzaprine

16. Analgesic: Again a class of drugs that contain many specific ones on this list.

17. Fluoxetine

18. Bupropion

19. Omeprazole

20. Escitalopram


With mostly medications for pain, depression/anxiety, and infection the list captures usage as well. Cite top prescribed drugs in same year?

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