Today consisted of me packing different colored Tic Tacs and hot tamales into packages for Boss.  There are no orders to do, so I am stuck packing candy.  And eating candy.  And cussing under my breath at the injustice of it all!  Seriously though (LOL), I am well on my way to finding another opportunity.  I still want the work from home position and also interested in a possible consulting position.  Both sound good to me.  Wish me luck! In the meantime, I typed up a resignation letter.  "I regret to inform you that my last day will be August 31, 2007.  There are several issues here that hinder my professional growth."  (You are an asshole... oh wait... can't say that).

Today, I heard one of the two technicians tell the boss that he had had a phone call while out of his office.  He interrupted her to ask her, "Did you think to ask them what they wanted?"  Um.  Wait a minute... did she think?  It's not really what he says, it's HOW he says it...  he has this incredible berating tone to his northern accent.  I'd like to bitchslap him.

I chickened out on the resignation thing but I feel deeply I need to keep working for the money.  If he wants to pay me more than 100K per year to pack candy, then so be it.  I just know that better things are coming.

Thanks for the comments!

To the lady that has been out of school for two years and moving across the state and wants out of retail... I remember when I was in your shoes...  I BEGGED.  Literally... and wore a $300.00 suit to the interview...  I presented myself well... and it worked.

I need to go suit shopping again this week.  It's time to stun!

Packing tic-tacs and hot tamales again

Today's name of the day is...