Packing tic-tacs and hot tamales again

Can't beat it!  I don't have to worry about drug interactions or drug duplications!  It's easy as pie, and I won't kill anyone say I change Mickey Mouse's red cinnamon tic-tac for a new lemon tic-tac!  There's no implications, no loss of licensure.  I have no sleepless nights tossing about wondering if I filled the prescription correctly for it is a sugary treat with no side effects except maybe a blood sugar increase or stomachache. Boss man walked over to check on me today asking, "How's it going over here?  Do you have the box running over?"

I thought, "Do you see the damn box running over you idiot?"  but said, "Not yet."  The not yet tone was very monotonous though.  No hope in that one at all.

I got paid today.  It's earmarked partly for a new Ann Taylor suit for I have two interviews scheduled for next week:  consulting position and a staff position with their competitor.

Watch out.  Blonde Pharmacist is out applying for another new job.  This time I'm going to get it right.

Next up maybe... consulting?