Next up maybe... consulting?

Anyone have any advice on this one?  The other is a work from home opportunity.  I smell lack of discipline and the ability to blog all day long... LOL! I typed up my notice and handed it to my boss this past Monday.  He interrupted me and asked me if that is where I was that morning, at an interview?  "No.  I was at a medical appointment, as I said.  I have no reason to lie."  What the hell?  I'm turning in my notice and you are accusing me of trying to find another job?  Hello!  I haven't found another job yet.  I'm in no hurry because all I know is that I want the heck out of candy packing and doing nothing.  Let me share what I'm doing today since the candy packing is long over with.   I am going through a 900 pages of MARS for a nursing home they are supposedly starting in November.  I am counting how many bottles of each medication that they need to purchase.  Are you freaking kidding me?  It's called busy work, and I hate it!!!!!

NAPLEX is Suspended

Packing tic-tacs and hot tamales again