Another one bites the dust... (almost)

I have a dear friend in pharmacy that moved into retail solely because his job at X Company (long-term care) was eliminated.  I personally left the job prior to the massive overhauling of layoffs that ended up leaving a staff of twenty pharmacists to about 2 full-time and a couple of part-time pharmacists.  Sad, really.  It was such a great company at one time...  tons of cubicles where there all sorts of different things to do from the front-end work to the back-end work of shipping the meds to different places.  This dear friend of mine is in his 60s now and was let go as the others and joined up with a chain store.  I talked to him recently.  He's already ready to quit after just 6-8 months.  You see, this chain company had him in a brand new store down in his home town.  That same chain drug store posted signs out front that stated:

"Your prescription filled in 15 minutes or less"

Can you believe that?  So over time, customers came, dropping off their prescriptions while complaining about the Walgreens down the road where they had to wait a whole hour to three hours for their medications.  Over time that same pharmacist saw the business grow and grow to a point where more help was needed.

Guess what?  No help is hired.

So now my dear pharmacist friend is on a month long trip to a tropical place while he told his boss that 14 hour days were not for him nor was not having a lunch.  He told them he'd be back in a month and when he came back may not stay there.  They are so desperate enough that they are sitting and waiting on his return.

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