Home meds in a hospital

One of the most frustrating things about the job I have now (and there are NOT as many frustrating things as in retail, etc..., I can tell you that!) is that when a patient is admitted into the hospital, he/she has a list of all the meds they take at home.  This list can be quite long and cumbersome...  and the most annoying thing is the doctor will sign off on it without even taking a peek that one line says, "hydromorphone 2mg prn."  PRN as needed... every second would fall here.  Or "acetaminophen prn"  OK.  There is a limit our livers can handle per 24 hours.  The doctor does not care for the most part.  He's there to take care of what ails him/her now and not the continuation of medications or reteaching of something they are taking incorrectly that may have precipitated the entire hospital visit (or at least exacerbated it!). The list can include anything... meds made up, meds misspelled so badly you can tell if it's hydralazine or hydroxyzine...

Meds are meds regardless if they come from home or the hospital.

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