Morality and Ethics in the Pharmacy

Should a pharmacist be allowed to exercise their own beliefs and ethics while at work?  This question is part of a big debate in our country in regards to abortion vs. a woman’s right to choose and how it could pertain to a pharmacists’ right to not dispense a medication, specifically the morning after pill.

It is ironic that the same liberal and feminist groups have defended other people in their choice to exercise their own beliefs.  A soldier has been backed by these same groups when they have not wanted to go to war.  The man or woman smoking marijuana to ease pain, although illegal in most states, has been backed by the same.  However, exercising your own beliefs or morals about abortion and the debate of when life begins ends when it comes to the morning after pill.  These groups want to make it mandatory that all pharmacists must dispense Plan B when requested regardless.

On the other hand, a female wanting to exercise her right to choose could be met with resistance from a pharmacist whose morals including viewing life beginning at conception.  There is no clear winner on either side.

By law, a pharmacist can refuse to fill a prescription for any reason they see fit.  Should that reason include their own morals?  Why do you believe yes or no in this debate?

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