Will Rite Aid Closing Be Another Loss In Our Failing Economy?

Several years ago, pharmacy jobs, especially retail, were a dime a dozen. You could literally get ill at your supervisor and decide to leave and have another job along with a nifty sign on bonus the next day. I'm not so sure that is the current state of things here. I keep getting more and more news stories of Walgreens buying up Rite Aid stores. Remember Rite Aid was the pharmacy that bought JC Penney's Eckerd in the hope of competing with the bigger and more lucrative Walgreens and CVS. I fear if Rite Aid DOES close, at least HERE anyway, things in the pharmacy market will become more grim. Instead of a pharmacists' market, it will become the opposite. It makes me want to cling to my current job with everything I have, and it's all due to news and our economy. Walgreens to Acquire 12 Rite Aid Locations

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