Lancet retracts statement about the link between MMR and autism

Link I'm not surprised.  Here we are watching the rates for many of the diseases that these vaccines have eradicated increase dramatically not only putting those that have not vaccinated at risk, but also putting those of us with lower titers at risk.  I have been quite tired of Jenny McCarthy touting her lack of any education, research, etc... giving false hope to those that do have autistic children with a "cure" and pointing her finger at the vaccines.  All the while, I'm watching as one mother who is a friend of a friend burying her son who contracted pertussis in an area where the disease is on the rise due to the lack of vaccinations.

I will say here, where I live, it is almost POPULAR to not vaccinate.  The ones that DO vaccinate are scrutinized and looked at as though we are harming our children.  It's really a shame because the information out there is all scare tactics.  I even had a friend cite a study from another country but when I looked at the study, it was incredibly flawed.  Mercury was to blame.  California watched as the autism rates continue to rise as the thimerosol was removed.  The same can be said for so many other things.  I'm quite tired of all of the banter about the anti-vaccination movement.

The movement should be called the reintroduction of mumps, measles, and rubella into our normal population where the rates of death are much higher than the uninformed scare of the antivaccination movement.

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