Pentothal shortage = death row lethal injection cocktail shortage

Yep!  Finally a drug shortage that might make the patient happy!  Pentothal is in shortage which means many of the people on death row are finding their sentences moved forward.  Not a bad thing for them right?  Pentothal is produced by one pharmaceutical company, Humira, who is in fact against the death penalty but supplied by someone else and not available until 2011. "It is necessary that the first drug work. It eliminates the pain for the next two drugs," said Richard Dieter of the Death Penalty Information Center. "Everybody agrees that two-thirds of this process would be excruciating but for the sodium pentothal."

Here's the deal.  Why are veterinarians using the same two drugs without a med like Pentothal?  Can you not just use something like Propofol?  Wouldn't that pretty much mask any pain?

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