Glaxo Whistle-Blower Lawsuit: Bad Medicine - 60 Minutes - CBS News

Glaxo Whistle-Blower Lawsuit: Bad Medicine - 60 Minutes - CBS News. I sat mesmerized during this television program the other evening.  Big Pharma finally busted for the things that you wouldn't really expect in medicine in America...  negligence among other unspeakable things.  The whistleblower, Eckard, is now a multimillionaire.  I guess we Americans have to have an incentive to be able to do what she did.  I personally can't imagine how hard it would be to not be looking over my shoulder for what she did...  tell the truth.  Should we be PAID to tell the truth?  I don't think so.  Part of that money, or the majority of it really, comes from those that pay for their medicines at high prices.  That lawsuit won't backrupt the company by any means.  We are definitely a suing bunch expecting a big windfall of money as soon as someone goofs up.

Under the whistleblower law, Eckard was rewarded with a percentage of the millions that the government recovered in the fraud suit. Her portion comes to $96 million.

"You know that there are people watching this interview who are saying, 'Well, she did it for the money,'" Pelley pointed out. "And to them you say what?"

"That I hope and I pray that their mothers and their brothers and their children have safer medicine today than they had before I filed that lawsuit," Eckard replied. "And I believe they will. Right? I believe they will."

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