Rite Aid Failure

When will big retail pharmacy chains learn? Rite Aid deserves a slap on the wrist for what it has promised potential customers.

Really Rite-Aid? Really? You've stooped to an all new low trying to compete with CVS and Walgreens. Yes there are reasons that won't qualify a patient for the $5 reward for the pharmacist not complying... but guess who gets to explain to every patient the rules? That's right! Your employee. Way to make working for Rite-Aid to be the worst possible retail company to work for.

Stock is worth less than $1.50.

Instead of making your employees hate you Rite-Aid, how about coming up with something not so dangerous?

I suppose Rite-Aid is imagining most stores do less than 200 rxs/day. Are they hiring more pharmacists to help meet this demand? What steps are put into place to ensure this is something a pharmacist can do SAFELY. So a company whose shareholders have stock at $1.00 a share wants to give away more of their money when the RULE isn't met?

RITE-AID YOU FAIL. You fail on every level. You fail on appearance, professionalism, and ethics.

It won't be long though and Rite-Aid will be off the street for good.

This is Rite-Aid's hail mary pass.

The Ideal Pharmacist

Joe D'Amico the McRunner