The Ideal Pharmacist

In a perfect medical world, solely by my own opinion, the ideal pharmacist would do a lot more than he/she does now. In fact, what we do now, based on the current education and training, doesn't even TOUCH what we really know. Pharmacology. Pharmacokinetics. We are experts. Physicians know diagnosing... treatment can sometimes be just what is memorized and recited to them by the latest pharmaceutical rep. So here I go... In a perfect medical world, a patient would go to the physician looking to find out what is wrong with them. The physician would run his/her tests, question the patient, and do their normal diagnostic research. Bingo. Diagnosis is given... "high blood pressure." The physician would write down this diagnosis on his pad and then pass the info along (or electronically - hey it's 2011!) to the pharmacist that is also in their office working. The pharmacist would consult with the physician immediately concerning the diagnosis and best possible drug choice based on the patient rather than what the Eli Lilly rep brought last week.

The patient would drive to the retail pharmacy he/she chose based on what is covered or who they prefer and pick up their med.

Why is there a gap in care? Why does a physician diagnose AND prescribe alone?

I've never agreed with this model and never will. Checks and balances folks... checks and balances.


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