The Oxycodone Addict

Pharmacists have all heard of the oxycodone addict coming in their pharmacy and demanding their drug of choice at gunpoint. I have been removed from retail for many years but have had the firsthand knowledge through close colleagues and numerous reports of pharmacies no longer stocking oxycontin, oxycodone, and other narcotics frequently sought out by addicts. On Father's Day, this past Sunday, four people died in a corner drugstore.

Raymond Ferguson, 45, a pharmacist opened the store with a teen pharmacy technician, Jennifer Neijia, 17. Jennifer volunteered to work for an adult tech who had kids and wanted to celebrate Father's Day. Two customers were also killed senselessly, 33 year old Jamie Taccetta who was the mother of two daughters and was about to celebrate her own wedding and Bryon Sheffield, 71.

The problem with the addict is that all thought processes change. The drug fiend who massacred four people at the pharmacy coldly executed them one by one at close range before filling a backpack with pills and strolling away.

It is safe to say that the corner pharmacy is definitely a dangerous place to be.

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