How to Be a Better Pharmacist

Don't you remember graduating pharmacy school with all the hope in the world? Pseudomonas treatment options were on the tip of your tongue, and all those "older" pharmacists, let's face it, are SO behind the times. You knew it all, or so you thought at least. Confidence? Maybe so, or maybe an over inflated ego. If you attended a clinical type pharmacy school as I did, the idea of working retail was frowned upon. You were considered to be selling out. (I sold out... At first).

1. You absolutely must keep up year to year. Your education does not end the day you graduate. There's the boards, passing the state exam, and keeping up with continuing education. That window of time between what's printed and accepted by all to the newest guidelines should be studied. Know where to search. Be a google pro.

2. Consider challenging yourself with becoming board certified. If you fail the first time, take it again.

3. Be a team player. If you are clinical, work hard to treat dispensing pharmacists the way you would want to be treated and vice versa. The best model would be for most pharmacists in a department to be clinically trained.

4. Be tech savvy. Most health calculators are online or you can buy apps to help. I still can't believe the company I work for isn't 100% paperless. It's coming, and I can't wait.

Keep up... Because it won't be long, and you will see new graduates flooding the market, and you will recognize them eyeing you as one of the older pharmacists!

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