BCPS Study Schedule 2013: Who is With Me?

The Study Schedule is posted in the menu above for those interested!  Basically I'm following a similar format as listed on Dr. Ted Williams BCPS Study Group.  

Basically this is it.  I have already started studying prior to today of course, but since it would do me good to have a written plan, I went ahead and added this.  I always worry that the BCPS studygroup website will go down.  Just in case:  (hope you don't mind Ted ;))

Ted's BCPS Study Tips (after passing in 2010)

Study Schedule

Things to know

  • Know the basic statistics cold.  (I agree 100% with this!!!)
    • You can't fake these and there are a lot of questions
    • Knowing wont guarantee passing, but not knowing will guarantee failing
  • Know treatment algorithms - know guidelines -- FIRST, SECOND, and some THIRD LINE THERAPY
  • Know indications for therapy
  • Know contraindications to therapy
  • Know therapeutic window for drugs with narrow/targeted window (e.g. Lithium)
  • Know ADRs of significance
    • And if that ADR arises, how to change therapy (e.g. cough from lisnopril, switch to ARB)
  • Know basic kinetics (e.g. volume of distribution, half life, dose adjustments based on plasma concentration, etc)
  • Know major CYP interactions
    • know the drugs that strongly induce or inhibit
    • Know drugs which are major substrates, especially when inducers and inhibitors are likely to be co-administered (e.g. Seizures)
    • Know which way the plasma concentrations will go

Things not to worry about

  • Exact doses for complex regimens (e.g. ICU insulin drip rate protocols)
  • Complex statistical calculations
  • Complex Kinetics (e.g. Vancomycin initial dose)
  • Minutia of side effects (ie if you wouldn't change therapy, it's not a big deal)
  • Obscure treatments for very obscure disorders

Final thoughts

  • Just like NAPLEX, you can miss a bunch of questions and still pass (2010 passing was 67%) - 2011 was a 111/200 and last year 2012 was higher 123/200 I think?
  • Test is designed to test practical application, not minute details, so focus on patient treatment
  • The BCPS study group schedule will definitely prepare you.
    • I only did the first two cycles through and I was fine
    • Even if you get off schedule, if you go through the material twice, you'll definitely have a fighting chance
    • Spending 1 hour a night on the schedule will get you ready, don't stress
    • The Sample questions in the PSAPs,on the BPS website, and most in the study guide are NOT helpful
      • Not structured like the questions on the exam
      • Content is not validated
      • If you haven't taken an exam for a while, they might be helpful to get you back in the groove. But if you are taking the exam immediately after a residency and pharmacy school, don't worry about them. They will stress you out.

BCPS Topic Areas 2010

Key Statistical Tests to Memorize


Clinical Trials

Included from Clinical Trials

Bone Joint Rheumatology




Describe Kinetics? here.


BCPS Psychiatry

Affective Disorders



Fluid and Electrolytes & Nutrition?

Acute Cardiac Care

Critical Care


Infectious Disease


Gender Health Issues

Ambulatory Cardiology

Ambulatory Care

Gastrointestinal Disorders


Oncology Support



Dermatologic Disorders

Eyes Ears Nose Throat


Pulmonary Disorders

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