High Yield Med Reviews: My Thoughts for the BCPS

High Yield Med ReviewsHigh Yield Med Reviews is a site for high quality, yet affordable medical review courses and practice test banks for preparing for advancement of clinical competency (and board licensures) among healthcare professionals. I personally subscribed to their service last year months after spending money on the ACCP material to help prepare me for the BCPS Pharmacotherapy Exam 2012. Last year, this service only had Q-Bank and not the course Lectures that are added this year. This is a much more valuable addition for the price and solidifies my decision that this service is an equal if not superior contender to the ACCP materials generally bought.

The great thing about the High Yield Med Reviews service it is that the material covers the same topics and MORE for a lower cost. To say that $800+ for just the .pdf files of the ACCP is expensive is an understatement. The BCPS Online Review Course is only $299. It includes 1,700 practice questions and flashcards including biostatistics, access to the BCPS Online Lecture Center, and spiral bound notebook with all the lectures.

The Online Lecture Center shows something called Access to Lecture and shows how many times you can watch. You receive 2 redemptions per lecture. It is recommended to use one when studying the first time or when ready to tackle that particular topic and then the other closer to the time of the test. You have 24 hours per redemption which is like a DVD rental. This is nice in that it puts time constraints on the lectures. It is not nice in that it puts time constraints on the lectures. Limits make it hard but also force you to use them in the best possible conditions. Basically though, two should be enough if you plan to use them appropriately. Luckily you can watch on your iPad or iPhone.

The Q-Bank Questions is the section I used last year. It contains both the test and tutorial mode which is nice to help study and then quiz yourself on the material. Had I known about this service earlier (the added course lectures this year), I would have used it alone and not paid for the ACCP material (Therapeutics update) because it is more in-depth. The questions are of a more complex nature in wording, but cover the same concepts more in-depth than the actual test questions. In other words, I believe if you start now on studying the High Yield Med Reviews materials, there should be NO reason for you not to pass. You have to put in the time to get through the massive amount of material. See FAQ for more in-depth questions/answers of what this product will do.

No matter what, the amount of material on this test is very significant. If you have been out of school for just a short period of time, the material will be fresher in your mind. If you finished a residency, you are much more prepared. If you are like me and decided to do this as a personal goal (I graduated with a PharmD in 1999) you need to start studying MUCH earlier. The biggest challenge is finding ALL of the material you need. Guess what? There were actually topics ON the test itself that were not in the study materials I had or if were in the study materials not covered in enough detail to be able to answer the question correctly.

High Yield Med Reviews has material that encompasses all that you will need to pass. The material is a bit more in-depth than the ACCP material while being A LOT cheaper. For me, those two things make this a better buy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment! And please follow along studying with us on the calendar!




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