Oh, Drugmonkey, Latisse Saved My Life

I love Drugmonkey; really I do. His wit and way of writing about all things drug related is inspiring. And I laugh as well. He has a new book coming soon (soon I hope) and an excerpt. And my response though keep in mind very tongue-in-cheek:

2013-03-17_0001No, no, no Drugmonkey (@drugmonkey on Twitter) you just didn't bring up the one drug that has changed my life!  Ah Latisse!  The drug that has made my teeny tiny eyelashes longer without the glue or the accidentally falling off lash accident!

The drug that is only $75 here in my fair city because the demand must not be high.

Did you know you can make that tiny bottle last for months and not just one month?  Does that change your mind about this rip-off drug you so labeled?

Sadly, probably not because you would rather see a lady read a book.  I don't have any pictures of that much to the reader's dismay.

Hypotrichosis had severely limited my self-confidence to the point of being barely unable to function.  I could see the computer screen quite well but just knowing that I barely had any lashes to bat was disabling.  I had considered filing for disability with the government, but since the condition didn't affect my job (well at least in definition) I decided that I would move forward and find my own treatment.

Much to my delight, I found a little physician run botox/latisse/filler "clinic" and went in asking for help.

"Help," I pleased.  "My lashes aren't sexy."

The lady at the counter was moved with my brief history of disease and told me that Latisse was the cure.

I am cured.

Though my wallet is a bit tighter and my lashes are so long now I can barely see the computer screen, I can honestly say that having lashes as long as the Nile has been a complete turnaround in my life.  I am able to bat my lashes to and fro to achieve most anything (well, except it doesn't work on my children, yet) and not only that, I have this bit of discoloration right at the line of my lashes that mimics light brown eyeliner.  Win-win, right?

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